Mini Bus in Diafani Harbour

Transportation in Karpathos


Diafani village lies on the very noth side of Karpathos island. The airport though is located in the very south part.

So if you are flying to our island, tt will take some time till you reach us! But we are here to offer you a safe ride to Diafani.

And now here you are! If you still need a ride to the nearby village of Olympos or to somewhere else, we will be glad to ride you!

Ride Duration

  • Airport – Diafani : 1:40 h
  • Diafani – Olympos : 20min
  • Diafani – Avlona: 15 min
  • Diafani – Spoa : 40 min

Common Rides

  • To/from Airport of Karpathos
  • To/From Olimpos
  • To/From any Hiking path
  • Luggage transfer for Hiking Groups


Besides this, there are more options to reach Diafani from Karpathos town (Pigadia), depending on the season.

By boat, there is a regular connection between the two harbours by the Ferry Boat (“PREVELIS” -ANEK Lines) and seasonal connection by the tourist boats “Chrisovalandou III” and “Kapetan Nikolas“.

By bus the connection is not so regular and it highly depends on the season. Taxis are always available though.


For more information about the Ferry plan visit Orfanos Travel Facebook Page

The physical location of the ORFANOS Travel agency in Diafani is on the ground floor of our hotel.