In addition to the nice atmosphere and the relaxing view to the sea, we can offer you some additional services:

  • Breakfast in our breakfast room and Garden

 Breakfast Room       Breakfast Garden     Breakfast

Ask for a room with breakfast and enjoy all the delicious stuff that Marina is preparing!

  • Transportation

Mini Bus

If you need an airport shuttle and you are up to 8 people, we will be glad to offer you a safe ride!

  • Daily Boat Excursions by our boat “NIKOS”

 Nikos Boat

Explore the beaches of Karpathos by our tourist boat “NIKOS”. Find more here.

  • Ferry Tickets Issuing

Orfanos Travel

We can book your ferry tickets for all the ferries approaching the island of Karpathos. Find the Timetables here.

Maybe Karpathos is too far away , but you are already one step closer!

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